Open & Uncovered Wells          
State law and the Permian Basin UWCD Rules require that all
open or uncovered wells be covered with a cap that is capable of
withstanding not less than four hundred pounds,and is not
easily removed. Well caps constructed of heavy steel plating and
a length of straight pipe are best suited for meeting these

When an open or uncovered well is discovered and reported to
the District office, a notice is sent to the well owner or operator.
The letter contains a request that the matter be corrected within
30 days. In most instances, when the District revisits the well
site, the problem is corrected. However, in some cases
additional requests must be sent to the responsible party before
the well is properly closed.

Locating and closing open (or uncapped) wells is one of many
objectives included in the District's Management Plan. This
objective is a part of the District's goal of protecting groundwater