Starting in early January, Permain Basin Underground Water Conservation District
(PBUWCD) personnel have been making annual depth-to-water level measurements. The
data collected helps the PBUWCD determine the effect of  the pumpage on groundwater
levels in the aquifers, the Ogallala aquifer being the largest  within Howard and Martin
counties.  Water level measurements are made in a network of approximately 120  wells, most
privately owned.

The depth-to-water level measurement is made by lowering a steel tape to a pre-determined
depth in the well. The first few feet of the tape lowered into each well is coated with
carpenters’ chalk, which turns a darker shade of blue when it comes into contact with water.

The distance from land surface to the static water level is determined by subtracting the
amount of tape with the darker blue chalk from the total feet of tape extended into the well.
After the measurement is made, a blue vinyl sticker with the observation well number, the
depth-to- water level measurement, and the date of the measurement is affixed to the well
equipment or other appropriate surface near the well site.

Water district personnel measure the same wells in the observation well network each year,
as long as the individual wells provide satisfactory data. The current depth-to-water
measurements in individual wells are compared to that of the previous years to determine the
annual change in water levels of the aquifers within the district.
Water Level Monitoring       
Water Level Monitoring Charts
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